First Day At Work

Before I graduated university I did have a couple of jobs, however my first real job was after the graduation. I went to do my internship on Santa Catalina Island, California. At first when I and one other intern arrived to this island I could not believe where I was. It looked like a paradise. First two days were induction days and I couldn’t stop smiling wherever I went. Palm trees, hot Californian sun and the sky blue ocean were blowing my mind. All the people were friendly and easy going. Of course I arrived in the middle of the summer which was the peak of the busy season for the restaurant and hotel businesses. My first day at work was very interesting. The head chef was a big Hawaiian guy. Funny but strict when he had to. He welcomed me in the kitchen and asked me if I was ready. I was like ‘Hell yeah!’. He told me to get changed and come back to the kitchen. It started with me getting to know the kitchen, all the people working in it and of course jumping right into the service. The guy (also pretty young, somewhat my age) who was working on a Garde Manger (cold section) was supposed to train me how everything works on that section, what preparations had to be done for the service and the way we prepare and serve food. What he told me before the service started was ‘Dude, I don’t have time to show you everything. Learn quickly!’ and so I did. That section was pretty easy, but it was extremely high tempo. I was watching his every move and tried to memorize it. The orders started coming in. ‘Salad this, salad that, no corn, extra peppers, no cheese, dressing on the side, onion allergy, add chicken, add shrimp, gluten free’. I thought could you please just order a regular salad with no special preparation?!?!  It was like this throughout the day, but is there a thing you wouldn’t do to make a customer happy? Maybe one or two, but if you can you’ll do it in this type of business. After we finished the service we started to prep the section for tomorrow’s service and then went to do the hotel breakfast (our kitchen was responsible for it). We finished late, but the day went really fast. The guy I was working with became a really good friend of mine and I still keep in contact with him to this day. I felt like I deserve a beer. After we were done with work my head chef came to me and said ‘good work today, see you at 6 am. Tomorrow is inventory day.’


Breakfast Club!

IMG_0991The guys who didn’t show me shit! :DD


And here’s a couple of pictures from the island itself!


Till next time,


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