Beetroot Hummus Recipe

This simple hummus recipe is going to be your ‘to go’ option when you invite you friends over, but don’t have much time to prepare. It literally takes minutes to make, it tastes delicious and you only need a food processor or a blender. Also, this beautiful pink color that it has just screams ‘Dip me!!!’

No, really… stop screaming!!!

Food processor is your best friend when it comes to 5-minute (or less) sauces and dips.

I think the first time I was properly introduced to hummus was when I started my culinary internship in United States. One chef from Puerto Rico showed me how to balance the taste of the hummus and after that time I completely fell in love with it. The hummus, not the chef…

This recipe is a little different from a traditional hummus. Even though I am a strong believer in tahini paste when making hummus, sometimes you just can’t find it. Well that is when this simple trick comes in handy… use sesame oil! But be careful, because sesame oil is very strong, so start with a couple of drops and then add more if you like. You only need a little hit of it!

If you are making this just for yourself, cut the recipe at least in half… If you make too much, do not worry! I can stay in your fridge for a couple of days easily!!


Chickpeas                   500 g

Garlic                          1-2 cloves

Vegetable oil             150 ml

Salt                             20 g (add more or less according to taste)

Pepper                        a generous pinch.

Pickled beetroots      250 g.

(Only beetroots and no liquid, you can also use cooked beetroots. Season accordingly.)

Sesame oil                  start with a couple of drops

And now the fun part…

Add everything to the food processor and blend until smooth. No rocket science here!

I like to serve my hummus with a selection of vegetables, such as carrots, celery, bell peppers and cucumber  or oven toasted pita bread.

P.S. when everyone is going to ask you where you bought it, just look them in the eyes and say, ‘I made it!’. Drop the mic and walk away. Or just smile, it is totally up to you..


Mmmmm…… Hummus…..

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