American Style Pancakes Recipe

Everyone loves light and fluffy pancakes. The reason we don’t get tired of it, is probably because there are no limitations for toppings and the variety is just insane!

Fresh fruit and berries go a long way, but you can also top it up with nuts, chocolate and caramel sauces or, one off my favorites….

 maple syrup and bacon! 

When making American style pancakes where are two things that need to be remembered. The pancakes mix needs to be a little bit thicker than normal mix, so it wouldn’t flatten out on the pan and the heat should be no higher than medium. You want your pancakes to cook nice and slow, allowing them to rise and get that golden-brown color. If the heat is going to be too high, you might end up with the pancakes that are still undercooked in the middle. Don’t rush it and you will enjoy the most beautiful and delicious pancakes ever! 

Ok, so here is what you’ll need.


Flour 350g

Buttermilk 400 ml

Butter (melted) 40 g

Salt 1.5g (~1/4 teaspoon)

Sugar 70 g

Eggs 3

Baking Soda 3 g (~0.5 teaspoon)

Whisk the eggs, add flour and buttermilk and mix well. Add salt, sugar and baking powder and mix until smooth. At the end add melted butter and mix once more until fully combined. The pancake mix can sit in the fridge for a couple of days. It might become a little bit loose after a day or two, so just add a little bit of soda and flour and mix well. This will restore the mix to its original texture and ensure the fluffiness.  

Pre-heat the pan on a medium heat. You can lightly cover it with butter or vegetable oil. I usually add a tiny bit of oil to the pan and then spread it throughout the surface with the paper towel. Cook the pancakes until beautiful golden-brown color.

I will give you a couple of examples what to serve you pancakes with, but by all means, use your imagination! 

  1. Mascarpone cream, blueberries, cranberry jam and mint.
  2. Caramel sauce, mascarpone cream and walnuts.
  3. Strawberries, whipped cream, chocolate sauce (or nutella) and mint.
  4. Maple syrup and bacon. 
  5. Nutella and bananas.

This is a beautiful weekend breakfast idea to enjoy with your family! 

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