Avocado Spread / Dip Recipe

Who doesn’t love avocados on their sandwich? I absolutely love it! And even though I enjoy simply crushed avocado with some salt and pepper, sometimes I want it to be silky smooth like a spread. It’s very easy to make, can be made a couple of days in advance and can also be used as a dip, if you are not in the mood to make guacamole. So here is how to make it. 


1 Ripe Avocado

A Splash on Lime Juice



Olive Oil 2 tablespoons

Water 2 tablespoons

Cilantro (optional)

Note: Lime juice not only elevates the flavor, but it also helps to keep avocado from turning brown. 

Drop your avocado into a food processor or a blender (these bad boys are amazing helpers when it comes to 5-minute sauces, dressings, dips and spreads) with a splash of lime juice, generous pinch of salt and pepper, olive oil and water and blend until smooth paste. Add more water if needed and adjust the seasoning. If you are using cilantro, then blend it with water and oil first and then add the remaining ingredients. That way cilantro will blend in nicely with the whole avocado mix.

You can do pretty much the same thing with a fork, but it will take a little more time. Unless you are super fast of course… 

Use it on your favorite sandwiches or as a dip for nachos. And while you spread it on the sandwich, don’t forget to spread the word! 

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