Restaurant Customers Chefs Do Not Like

This topic is probably one of those without an end. In restaurants we see a lot of weird stuff, but there are definitely a few that really stand out… So, let’s talk about the customers that chefs really don’t like.

And I am sorry, but I couldn’t help myself from using Gordon Ramsay memes. 

Orders medium, but wants well done

This is one of the most common mistakes people do… There is no shame in asking about the cooking temperatures and how the meat is going to turn out, but it is pretty damn annoying when a person asks for a medium steak, gets a beautiful medium steak and then sends it back, because it is not cooked enough. Just to give you a rough understanding…

From left to right: 

  1. Blue – meat is seared on the outside, but completely red (raw) on the inside.
  2. Rare – meat is seared on the outside a little longer. Outside of the steak is cooked a little more (approximately 25% of the way), than ‘blue’ steak, but still very red inside.
  3. Medium Rare – cooked 50% of the way. The center is still red.
  4. Medium – cooked 75% of the way. Very pink in the center. 
  5. Medium Well (also known as ‘what are you doing?’) – cooked pretty much all the way through. Slight hint of pink. Passed the point of no return. 
  6. Well Done (also known as a ‘tire’ or a ‘f**ked’ steak) – cooked all the way through. 

You are welcome.

Cooking all the way through is the worst thing you can do to a good quality meat. And that is why most of the chefs hate cooking well-done. Because you can’t really see a big difference in the quality of the meat, if the steak is cooked well-done.

But if you are into that stuff, then who am I to judge you…

Do not screw around with the food.

If you are going to the restaurant, but have allergies or intolerances, then please, please give as much information upfront as possible. On the other hand, if it’s not allergy or intolerance, then do not screw around with the food. Restaurant chefs are not your personal chefs and will highly dislike anyone, who is very needy and want to change the whole dish on the menu. Once we had a vegan couple who ordered a 6-meal tasting menu. They informed us that they are vegans only at the arrival. Besides that, they said that they do not eat: fruit, sugar, grains, potato and chocolate and they still wanted a 6-meal tasting menu.

No offense to anyone who is vegan.

Well, they got it….

But all of the kitchen staff was so angry, it is hard to even describe the atmosphere at that time. It is not because the customers didn’t eat many things, but it is because they did not say it in advance, and it caused a huge inconvenience to the kitchen. 

If you want your food to be cooked with love and passion, and all the flavors would be well balanced, then please let us do out work properly and stop screwing around. Inform us in advance.

Orders Ahi Sashimi, wants it to be cooked more

I remember working in this beach club and one of the most popular things on the cold menu was ahi sashimi. For those of you who don’t know yet, sashimi is a Japanese delicacy containing a fresh rawfish, thinly sliced and usually served with soy sauce.

Apparently this one guest didn’t know it either. She ordered ahi sashimi and when she got the food, we received a request to cook it ‘a little bit more’. It was funny, because it did not have any contact with heat in the first place. No one was angry about it, but it still causes inconvenience to the kitchen and restaurant staff. Lesson here is, it’s ok not to know everything, but, if you are not sure about something, you can always ask. This will save us a lot of precious time and you won’t look silly at the end. 

Again, you are welcome…

If you think that this is all I have for this topic, well…. think again, sunshine… There is definitely more yet to come…

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