Campfire Burgers

Guess what!

It’s camping time again!

This time we decided to make campfire burgers. Was it good? Well, let’s just say I willingly fell in a food coma! 

There was only one thing I did wrong and I would highly suggest you don’t do the same mistake as I did.

Do not make 350 g beef patties! Especially if you are having potato wedges on the side! 

I am pretty bad at estimating how much food I can eat, and I was very hungry at the time. After eating the whole thing, I was ashamed of myself. But take me back to the same situation, and I will do the same again. 

Let’s just say that 200 – 250 g beef patty is more than enough

Meat preparation

It is very simple. I added a small teaspoon of smoked paprika, teaspoon of creamy Dijon mustard and a good pinch of black pepper. That is for 2 beef patties or 400-500 grams of meat. Mix everything together and form the patties. You probably have noticed that we didn’t add any salt. That’s ok, we’ll do it right before cooking. 

Bun selection

It is a matter of taste really, but I would take brioche any time. Unfortunately, in this remote area I live at the moment, brioche is not easily accessible, and I really did not have time to make it myself. So, this time we had to go with a regular burger bun.

What else did we add?

Besides regular stuff such as mayo, ketchup, tomato and cheese (this time we chose Norwegian cheese, but you can use classic cheddar), we also added avocado, caramelized red onion, grilled green baby bell peppers and iceberg lettuce.

Cook and Assemble

First things first, we have to boil the potatoes. Cut them into wedges and put it in the pot with cold water. Put the pot on the heat and after the water starts boiling, cook it for approximately 8 minutes. Potatoes should be just right to eat. Take it out of the water and leave it on the side. We will get back to them when it’s time to grill. 

Because we are using only one pan, we have to be smart about this. Toast the buns first, we can start assembling the burger while the meat is cooking. After the buns, start caramelizing the onion. Sauté it on medium high heat, add some salt and, if wanted, a little bit of sugar. After the onion is caramelized, take it out and leave it on the side. 

Heat up the pan (it has to be hot!) add a generous splash of oil (use vegetable oil, but not olive oil). Season the patties with salt and put them in the pan and while they are cooking, season the potato wedges and put them on the grill too. Check the patties. If they have a beautiful brown crust, flip them over. If not, leave them to cook a little bit longer.

Check the potatoes and start assembling the burger. Dress the buns with mayo and ketchup, out the sliced avocado. Check the patties again. If they look done, add a spoonful of butter inside the pan and take it of the heat. Butter will give the patties some extra flavor. Put some cheese on the top of the patties and let it melt. While cheese is melting, grill bell peppers. 

Wow… This is getting more detailed than I expected. It is not a rocket science to assemble the burger, but the way I did it was:

Burger Bun > Mayo + Ketchup> Avocado > Beef Patty > Caramelized Onion > Tomato > Bell Pepper > Iceberg Lettuce > Burger Bun 

It was insanely delicious and there is just something very special about cooking food in nature. I hope you try it out and let me know, how it turned out! 

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