The Best Breakfast Sandwich

As you may already know, I love sandwiches!!! And this one is one of my absolute favorites! I usually eat it for breakfast, but it is great at any time of the day. Creamy brie cheese, salty cured ham, crispy and fresh arugula, all the ingredients work incredibly well together to give you The Best Breakfast Sandwich!


What bread should you choose? There are so many of them, but one of the most common breads for the breakfast toasts and breakfast sandwiches is sourdough bread. For this recipe I am not using sourdough bread. Instead I used a Rustic Style Bread, which is fairly similar to the sourdough, but it doesn’t require a starter and only needs and overnight fermentation. If you would like to learn how to make this rustic style bread, you can find the recipe on my blog (link to the recipe) or you can watch a video recipe on my YouTube Channel (link to the video). Feel free to use the bread of your liking.


When it comes the the spreads, you can also you any kind of spread you like. It can be simple cream cheese, mayonnaise or avocado spread. I will be using Spicy Tomato Jam. This jam gives the sandwich that little spicy kick, and it completes the sandwich to trigger all of your taste buds. Sweet, sour and spicy from spicy tomato jam, salty, savory and umami from cured ham and brie cheese. What else can you ask for?

Ok, let’s go.


  • Bread (Rustic or Sourdough) 2 slices
  • Tomato Jam
  • 1 Yellow Onion
  • Cured Ham (Serrano, Parma of Prosciutto.
  • Brie Cheese
  • Olive Oil
  • Arugula
  • Salt


First of all we are going to caramelize the onion. Slice the onion fairly thinly and fry it on the medium heat with a pinch of salt until beautiful golden brown color.

Then take 2 slices of bread and drizzle it with olive oil on one side only. These are going to be the outside parts of the sandwich. Flip the the bread slice over and cover it with tomato jam. Then add the caramelized onions, cured ham and brie cheese on the top.

Cover the sandwich with another slice of bread and grill it on the medium-low heat until it is golden, crunchy and the brie cheese has melted.

Once the sandwich is crispy and golden on both sides, take it out, open it up and put some fresh arugula inside. We put arugula at the very end to keep it crunchy and fresh.

So here it is, guys, the best breakfast sandwich!!

I hope you like it! Leave a comment below what is your favorite breakfast sandwich. Can’t wait to heat it!

Watch a Video Recipe!

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