Parma Chicken Recipe

When I have to make something quick and delicious out of the chicken breast, this is usually my go to option. And for some reason, everything seems to taste so much better if it is wrapped in ham. Have you tried prosciutto wrapped asparagus? Be my guest. This dish is great because it is light … Continue reading Parma Chicken Recipe

Focaccia Recipe

There are so many different breads out there, but one of my favorites has to be focaccia. Why? Because there are so many different ways of making it! So many different flavors and one simple base recipe. Here's a couple of examples of what kind focaccia flavors you can make: Basil and Cherry TomatoesThymeRosemaryPotatoCaramelized Onion … Continue reading Focaccia Recipe

Kitchen Essentials Every Home Cook Should Have

When it comes to kitchen tools, things can definitely go crazy. Yes, we are talking about things like egg-cracker. I mean seriously... However, there are some things that are essential to every kitchen. It will make your life easier and cooking more enjoyable. So here is what you need. This post contains affiliate links, which … Continue reading Kitchen Essentials Every Home Cook Should Have